4 Babies

Celebrating our first birthday

On 14 June 2018, we launched our project on a baby that weighed 680g.
An absolute miracle.

Since then we have changed the lives of 600 babies admitted to the NICU'S of Universitas and Pelonomi. Providing each of them with a knitted beanie and a pair of socks.

Our dream is to provide comfort and support to premature infants admitted to Pelonomi and Universitas NICU by providing each infant with his/her own pair of knitted socks and beanies. This will be given to them as soon as they arrive in the NICU and will be taken home with them when they are discharged.

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a Baby

Did you know that every month some babies who are born at local hospitals go home without any covering, clothing or basic toiletries?

The Bless-a-Baby initiative was started in October 2002 by a group of ladies in Cape Town. They meet every week to sew nappy bags and fill them with the basics requirements, such as nappies, clothes, knitted items and toiletries. They deliver bags to seven (7) local hospitals and one (1) clinic. At the end of January 2018 over 12 150 nappy bags have been filled and distributed.

In January 2018 we decided to become the ambassadors for the Bless-a-Baby project in Bloemfontein. We took hands with the Bless-a-Baby team in Cape Town and our project will be similar to theirs.